1. What is the Stock Symbol (Ticker)?

DFNN Inc.’s stock symbol on the Philippine Stock Exchange is “DFNN”.


2. How do I buy shares of DFNN?

You may contact any registered broker to buy stocks of DFNN listed on the Philippine Stock Exchange. For a list of trading participants who can trade on the Philippine Stock Exchange, you may visit: http://edge.pse.com.ph/

You may also call: +(632) 8818-DFNN or +(632) 8818 3366

To get further information about the company, email: info@dfnn.com


3. Who are DFNN’s external auditors?

Reyes Tacandong & Co.


4. When is DFNN’s Annual Stockholders’ Meeting (ASM) and how do I participate?

As per its By-laws, DFNN’s ASM is set to take place in July. Stockholders are notified of the exact time and location in writing and in advance and may either attend in person or submit their proxy voting forms.


5. How do I get to know more about DFNN’s recent performance and future plans?

Information about this can be found in our Investor Relations materials found here.


6. Where can I find DFNN’s announcements and releases?

Press releases about DFNN’s plans and reports are listed on this page.

Media coverage is archived here.


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